About Us


GCIS is a Business-to-Business Internet presence provider founded in 1996. Our company offers a caliber of support seldom found in the industry. Our enterprise-grade data infrastructure was built for and has an exceptional history of reliability. GCIS’ datacenter and talented network engineers are here with one goal in mind: to provide your business with peace of mind.


The dedicated server hosting environment of GCIS is housed within an all-concrete data center facility in downtown Cincinnati. The building in which GCIS is located is has a dual east/west power feed with separate transformers. All perimeter entrances to our building require magnetic key card access after normal business hours. Our highly-secure network is part of a fully redundant, fiber optic backbone for telecommunications.

Each 42-unit equipment cabinet at GCIS’ facilities is protected by its own uninterruptible power supply with 2.5 hours of battery runtime and with unlimited runtime backup via generators. Often overlooked, an isolated electrical equipment ground is provided to our equipment cabinets. Our datacenter is environmentally controlled and monitored for humidity and temperature and features three redundant air conditioning units. Our high-level air filtration units (3x better than HEPA) filter out micro-fine dust that can “plate out” on power supplies, processors, and fan bearings, and is the leading most cause of premature physical failure due to heat. We guarantee that our power and HVAC systems function 100% of the time, even during maintenance of a single system.

Real-time network availability and performance monitoring is performed constantly on our network, immediately notifying our administrators of potential problems before they become problems to you or your customers.


Our promise of peace of mind to our customers does not stop at our equipment. GCIS clients receive the most responsive technical support available in the industry as we provide them with “direct-to-administrator” after-hours pager numbers, which bypasses lengthy trouble-ticket creation and escalation commonly found among our competitors. Our experienced engineers are always available and ready to address your support needs.


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